Principal’s Message – VCAAD

Principal's Message

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”  – Le Corbusier



Principal, VCAAD
Bachelor in Architecture
Master of Architecture (Environmental Architecture)

The B.Arch. program of VCAAD is dedicated to the development of architecture talent capable of meeting the worldwide challenges in designing 21st century habitability.

VCAAD is a platform for the exchange of knowledge between various countries around the world through its International Summer Internship Program (ISIP). The institute has collaborated with several foreign universities for creating multidisciplinary knowledge networks.

VCAAD promotes the concept of ‘Project based learning’ giving the next generation of architects the opportunity to imagine and demonstrate their creativity in shaping the future of cities, architecture, and technology. Project based learning Centre of Excellence (PBLCOE) at the institution’s campus is a meeting ground for Architecture students with students from other disciplines viz. Engineering, arts, and management for exchange of knowledge and creation of start-ups.

In response to the current sustainability goals, VCAAD emphasizes on the contextual cultural, social, and economical values that architecture can promote in the society.

Ample space and facilities in the campus provide an ideal environment for learning, research, and development.

VCAAD is committed to excellence in Architecture education through use of contemporary pedagogies and teaching methods.

Prof. Archana Agarwal
Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Art & Design