Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”  – Le Corbusier

Ar. Suchetha Mathew

Principal, VCAAD
Bachelor in Architecture
Master of Architecture (Environmental Architecture)

Architecture is a challenging field requiring great skill, creativity, and imagination. Whilst an Architect is required to be boundlessly creative, it needs to be translated to reality using basic principles of science and technology. For the same reason, the Council of Architects stipulates a science stream for admission to the field of Architecture. Being a creative profession, the course comprises considerable hours of design studios where the student’s creativity is nurtured and combined with theory subjects to transform creativity into reality.

As Architect, we are tasked with the responsibility of building a balanced and sustainable habitat for all. However, the profession has been mostly catering to the needs of certain sections of society who could afford it. However, we need to expand our vision to include the society at large while we deliver our projects. With over 75% of Indian society still below the poverty line, widening wage gap, and cities pushing millions of laborers and migrants into slums and inhumane living conditions – as architects we are required to rise to the occasion and create a space where the needs of all sections of society are catered for. 

We at Vishwaniketan, believe in providing a space for our students that will allow them to think for themselves, work with their peers and come up with innovative ideas that will break this pattern of elite architecture and serve the interests of all.

To do so, we have worked hard to bring together talented faculty from various regions, provide our students with a complete education via global exposure by tying up with international architectural institutes, expose our students to a different outlook and critiques and help them gain a wide range of professional and life skills. Vishwaniketan is an institute which not only strives for academic excellence but also works on the overall development of our students in all walks of their life.

Prof. Suchetha Mathew
Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Art & Design