About Us

 “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”  – Frank Gehry


To provide an environment conducive to intellectual curiosity, innovation, experimentation, and creativity and professional growth.
To equip students with knowledge, skills and values.
To be able to approach a range of endeavours and train them to question and re- invent practices in future.
To set global perspectives and benchmarks: create an environment To attract and retain the best talent/ teachers and experts with a culture of meritocracy and excellence.



The mission of Vishwaniketan College of Architecture is to inculcate among
the student’s sensitivity to the environment, vernacular traditions
& culture, while simultaneously exposing them to the latest
technologies and philosophies in architecture all over the world.

We believe that both of these aspects of architectural education are
important, as knowledge of the latest technology and exposure to global
architecture is essential for an architect in the 21st century, but
unless this knowledge is used with the sensitivity to the environment
and the people, we end up with blind copies of global architecture
oblivious to the climate, culture & people. On the other hand,
unless equipped with sufficient knowledge, there would be no extension
of the vernacular tradition for solving the problems of the 21st

We plan for the following programmes:
1. Guest presentations by eminent architects, and involving practicing architects as part of the regular faculty.
2. Workshops on subjects related to architecture.
3. Ensuring global exposure of students through various media.
4.Tie-up with international institutions for undergraduate students in
the form of fellowships, and Masters & Ph. D programs for the

5. Consultancy Cell to provide on site and practical exposure to the students.

Vision & Values

From the
very beginning, Vishwaniketan Trust had a vision of creating a learning
centre of global reputation, as the Trust was established to transform
Indian professional education into an inspiring and worthy mission.

College of Architecture, Art & Design (VCAAD) thus incorporates
the philosophy of Vishwaniketan Trust in its global perspective of
architecture while being sensitive to the local environment, vernacular
traditions & culture.

Vishwaniketan provides an open
environment to encourage freedom of expression and learning initiatives
more than conventional classroom teaching. We believe that this approach
is essential for the development of a student, particularly in the
field of Design.

Your Future Starts Here.